Impulse Theme: Change $0 to "Please contact vendor"

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Hello, I am currently using Impulse theme.

I have products and product options with prices set as $0, and I would like to replace it with some text like "Please contact vendor" or I would be better I can add text in traditional chinese.

If that's not hard, I would also like to add some text below "Please contact vendor" because that area will be totally empty for product set to be $0. (I have already created separate product template, so it seems i can selectively add code to product template to achieve that)

Thank you for all the experts here.

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Hi There!

You wouldn't need to create a new template for that, we can use the same template and handle the cases inside the code. Let me know if you're still interested in getting this done by sending a E-Mail to the address in my signature.


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