Impulse Theme Safari Issues.

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I have recently moved to the Impulse theme on Shopify and have an issue where users on Safari can not change variants on the phone, it always selects the base variant when going to checkout.


For example VARIANT 1 is the auto choice, they select the drop down menu and select VARIANT 5, VARIANT 5 goes into the box then you go to checkout, once you reach check out VARIANT 1 is in the cart at checkout.


I spoke to the developers of this theme and they said they have no issues their end, but a google search shows this is happening to a few. They said it could be apps, but i have 2 apps installed, have unistalled and still have the issue.


Any help would be great.



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We are experiencing the same issue - we just recently switched to Impulse and have two outstanding issues with their "tech support", this being one of them. Were you able to "fix" this?