In general, do sales decrease after Christmas?

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I had a spike of sales about two weeks before Christmas then right around 2-3 days before Christmas day, sales suddenly decreased.  Now I'm only getting like one sale a day this entire week.   To people who have been doing this for a while, what has been the usual trend after Christmas/New Year's for you? 

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Vince 

Thank you for contacting us today. My name is Justin and I'm one of the Gurus here with Shopify :) 

I can certainly say from my experience here at Shopify it is common that sales do decline after Christmas especially so early in the same week, this being said they are some strategies that can help you increase these thresholds. 

The first thing I would suggest is building a Search Engine Optimization strategy helping your product get known on search engines. Feel free to take a look at some of the support documents below as they do provide some great insight :) 

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I would suggest checking out an app called KIT, this works as a Marketing Manager helping you utilize everything that social media has to offer. It can even go as far as helping your target the right customers who will be interested in your product. If you would like more information to take a look at this Shopify Youtube Kit Playlist for more information :)

Happy Selling!!

Justin B

Shopify Guru 


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Hi Vince,

As Justin mentioned, yes, the sales do taper down after Christmas. You should expect them to pick up again in the new year. Would probably want to adjust your marketing in the new year to target the new year resolutions.

These free apps can help you with increasing your conversions:

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Hey Vince,

One of my peronsal brands Dawg Grillz ( ) has only been up and running since September 15th, 2015 so I'm not pulling from a huge pool of data. I did notice a drop off right before Christmas ( about 2-3 days ) where I only have a handful of sales. All in all the business has grown over 125% since last December so that's a major plus side, our social media has also grown in lock-step to around a total of 35,000 followers, mainly focussed on Instagram.

But to answer your question, it's only now starting to come back up in terms of sales, so there was about 6 days where it trickled in.

We're on Dragon's Den on January 25th at 8pm EST on CBC so hopefully we'll get a strong uptick in marketing from the TV viewership.

Keep it up and don't get discouraged!

Scott Luscombe

Creatibly Inc. Brains Matter. | | 905-550-5023
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Being a brand new store, the exact same happened to me. I have had one order all this week.

From my past in the retail industry as an executive in merchandising, sales do not pick up until after the 2-3rd week of January.    In the meantime take this down time to add new products, plan your 2017 strategy and catch up on things.   I am actually enjoying the break but will work hard to get sales back up again this month.


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This is a second Christmas for Craft Box and our sales have been high in December with activity slowing down over the actual Christmas days but it has picked up right after. I have planned an exciting release though plus in case of crafting, a lot of crafters tend to spend money they got as a Chritmas gift on craft products. 


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This would be the second holiday season that we have been through, and we notice a large drop in sales before Chirstmas. The number of orders remain about the same, but the average order value goes way down, as more people are buying gift items for others rather than large furniture items for themselves. I would expect to see this trend turn around again in the next several weeks. I am with Joann in the sense that this lull in sales creates a lot more time for addition of new product and focusing on strategy for the coming year. Take advantage.

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People go to the shops in the week leading up to Christmas. The reason is; they dont think they will get the item they need in time for Christmas, via the mail. Most people are looking for gifts at this time of year. 

As soon as Boxing Day (the day after xmas in the UK) arrives they are looking for a sale or bargain, they start shopping for themselves using vouchers or money received.

If you wish to increase sales then it's best to start a sale the day after Christmas.
You can see we have done this on our site: 

We are currently advertising that sale via a twitter, facebook & mailing list. Not just tweeting, we are advertising to gain new customers, new followers by showing we can provide offers. 

You'll find if customers have had a sale one year, some will return next year to see what's on offer. 
So the chekouts will increase year on year. 

We are promoting a coupon code to spend a little more than normal using the app:  (wonderful free app)
This tells them the code and provides the prompt to 'hurry now' 'sale ends soon' feeling to 'not miss out'. 

Keep an eye on abandoned checkouts and send them a coupon code to convert them. 

Everyones after a bargain over the next few weeks, so aim to cater for that and you'll see sales increase. 

Good luck for the New Year. = Essential Oils UK
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We created a sale on the 26th of December and had another huge spike on that day. We did follow up emails on the 27th and 28th and then had two more big days.

When we stopped the sale, there was a drop in how much we were selling - but it's still ticking over. I think people are used to sales after Christmas so it's a great way to get your products moving again!



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I so hate after Christmas sale. Nothing ever sells