Incorporating a LLC in a low-tax state

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Hi everyone,

I am looking to set up a shopify store and register an LLC. However, I am totally confused by all of the information available out there about where to incorporate. My permanent address in the US is in NY, but I live overseas. I am wondering if I should incorporate in my permanent address state (NY, which is "high tax") or in a lower taxed state like Wyoming or Delaware. There is tons of conflicting information out there about this and it is a bit overwhelming for a total newbie. Any thoughts would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

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You could invest in a tax professional to make sure you get everything dialed in at the start.

You have to claim taxes in any state you have a "nexus" (physical presence, store inventory, do business activities). It's a little tricky with the permanent address but not living there. I'm guessing this depends on the state but some states could try to get some tax from you.

I like Wyoming for LLCs regardless.

? Enjoy the adventure! ?