Increase Sales With Artificial Intelligence

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We have some AI based recommendation systems for online e-commerce stores which are said to increase sales revenues by 20 to 400 percent. And we can integrate them into your online store for free.

What's our angle?
We are gathering data for our research paper on AI based recommendation systems which are currently available to the general retail public.

What's in it for you?
You get a chance to increase sales without having to invest anything (AI systems are quite expensive). We take care of all the aspects (installation, integration, maintenance).

What we want?
All we ask for is a few weeks worth of data (basic KPIs). It will be kept confidential and never be sold to third parties.

These systems work better on sites with larger amounts of sales. We are looking for stores with an average of about 1K+ items sold per month. 

If you are interested - PM me.

Regards, D.

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Using the new AI tools needed to help your mind measure eyesight, and help you identify one or two burdens and two benefits for the average operation.

  •  Finally in this day and age, make sure all your products have the GOD data you need in view and go out and work properly. So, AI is happy to help you achieve your goals by working efficiently and saving your time.
  • Be sure to adjust the equipment to have the support of your emotional eye, which requires you to have the skills and take it back to the next level.
  • Businesses are like AI technology needed by big business and help your business sell.


      1.Take your time creating insufficiency - lead generation across channels like LinkedIn or Google - and when you introduce AI into the process, it can erase your data. For many reasons, it helps you write the most accurate information possible.

      2.Advertising professionals - With an artificial intelligence system at your fingertips, you can create user profiles of users based on their personalities and behaviors. This information allows the system to easily predict what people want or need to buy.