Influencer Press Kits for a new product?

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Hello there,

We're launching a new Teatox (Tea Detox) brand and want to reach to some microinfluencers on Instagram. We don't have a big budget as of the moment, so the most we can do is to send our product to some influencers to try and get some mileage from photo posts on Instagram; this also in turn would help us grow our image pool for further advertising on our website and other channels.

I've worked with other channels before, but since our target market is more for the Instagram crowd I'm trying to get a feel how to get the most of the packages we send them.

I was wondering, what would be a standard kit that we could send these users besides just giving them just our product to try? Are there any good templates or a checklist of things to put together (e.g. a press release or instructions when/what to post in social media, in exchange for endorsing our product?)


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Hi, Aaron!

My name is Jade, I am with the Support Team at Shopify!

Some of the offers I have seen while browsing the internet have a kit for the Influencer to test your products as well as a prize for the Influencer to use as a giveaway (usually it's the same products that were in the Influencers kit). If you combine that with a special discount code that is exclusive to the Influencer to promote to their audience that can be a nice personal touch. I recommend making the discount code personalized to the Influencer. For example, if the Influencers online name is Ashley Tells All and she refers to her followers as her beauties, creating a discount code such as Ashley Fans or beauties will be something that the Influencer will appreciate because it elevates their online status as being exclusive and it also is something that their audience will enjoy because it makes them part of the experience as well!

We have a great blog post about The Beginners Guide to Influencer Marketing on Instagram that has some good insights.

Take Care! ❤️

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