Instagram Shopping Denied... But Facebook Works?

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Hi there,


I recently built an online store, It's a Printful-enabled store that sells satanic & satanic related shirt and hoodie designs (and other articles of clothing, etc). My clothing designs are in no way offensive, provocative, or in any other sense in violation of Facebook/IG product guidelines - unless you really hate that kind of stuff, but I'd expect FB and IG to not have any inherent bias against or in favor of any particular religion.


In fact, there are online stores that already have Instagram Shopping enabled in my same exact niche (satanism) that do sell relatively offensive & provocative clothing designs... so like, wtf lol. Blackcraft Cult is a good example, their instagram is flooded with shopping-enabled posts, and some of their stuff is pretty blatantly satanic.


I know that the topic of IG shopping denial has been discussed, and I've read just about as much as I can about it... and from what I understand, there's no appeal process? How can that be true? I don't understand why a company as large as Instagram / Facebook wouldn't have an appeal process for something as important as this. It's really shameful on their part.


Most of the topics I've read about this issue are from 2018 or earlier, and I was wondering if anyone knows a workaround, or if there's a way to reach out to IG to get an appeal?


I checked on the back end, and everything is set up. I meet every single requirement for instagram shopping to be enabled. I have a fully functioning and set up facebook product catalog, my business manager is set up (someone on reddit said that not having facebook business manager set up properly could effect instagram's decision to allow or dissallow approvals), and every other requirement is met.


I have no idea how to even go about messaging Instagram, and even if I could, I have no idea what to say. 


What can anyone suggest?

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The only thing I can think of is that you might now have enough followers to enable that function yet. There is a minimum (it's either 5,000 or 10,000, I'm not sure) before you can get additional features like Shopping catalogs and verification. You may need to build your following before this is an option. However, you can still link your ads to the products that you would like to focus on, you just won't be able to create dynamic product ads.


Good luck!