Instagram denied us for product tagging

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Hi !

I dig into the business manager thing, discovered that my catalog didn't appear even if my facebook shopping was available for my customers.

So, I canceled my facebook shopping, and re do an integration through the facebook business manager (copying and pasting the pixel code). Now, my shop is again in review. So, I am testing this new way and tell you in a few days if it worked ;)

Anyway... this whole process is so booooooring

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True, and good luck with that. I have gone over and over my FB manager so
many times I could work for them! Haha. The funny thing is every time I
click to add Instagram tagging my shop is already not approved in the first
10 seconds after clicking to add. They can't have possibly looked over to
see if I meet their ridiculous criteria.
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And...... you're so right... already refused.

So, I guess I'll send a message to them everyday until my shop is approuved... or until... the end of times !

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Exactly the end of time with these people
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Hey, I read somewhere that a refund policy on our website was necessary to be approved. As my refund policy was in the general conditions (I wanted to combine to have less "legal" pages and make it more clear), I moved it in the refund policy page. So maybe, when instagram reviewed my shop, they didn't see any refund policy and didn't check in the general conditions, and.... refused my shop. Just an idea, because I am going crazy with that and like I said, I really send them messages everyday (on twitter, facebook, and on the app... I even tried mails even if it's not the best to have an answer).

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Hey there,
I am Raya (Shopify Expert). I am joining this thread because we have had the exact same problem with many of our clients and each time there was a different reason why Instagram denied the shop for product tagging. 
So, the obvious things are:
1. Your business must be located in a supported market – check them here.
2. Your business must comply with Facebook’s and Instagram’s merchant agreements and commerce policies.
3. You must sell physical products.
Additionally, from your experience we know that:
4. Your Facebook business page (the one connected to Instagram) must not offer the "Message to Buy" checkout option. Instead, it must offer the "Check Out on Another Website" checkout method. In addition, it must not have any country or age restrictions and have an approved Facebook Shop section.
5. You must properly connect your Instagram business profile to a Facebook Catalog. And since your Facebook business page must be the owner of that Facebook Catalog, you may have to manually create your Facebook Catalog using Facebook Business Manager.
6. You have to properly add products to that Facebook Catalog. Once you've done this, you have to make sure that your Facebook Catalog is properly associated with your Instagram business account through your Facebook page.
Only then you can submit your Instagram account for a review. 
After you have been approved, you can enable business settings for Shopping on Instagram. When you do this, you should be able to tag the products from your Facebook Catalog (the one associated with Instagram) in your Instagram posts and stories.
Again, we have faced this problem numerous times so I hope this information will be helpful! A more detailed explanation of the problem can be found here: How to Enable Instagram Product Tagging for Shopify
Let me know how it goes!
Best of luck,

Raya Raychinova
Marketing Manager, Sherpas Design

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After reading the 6 step process that is rife with one landmine after another, anyone of which can send you back to square one of the this problem, being rejected, and then then waiting on Istagram to thank you!

I think I'm done with Shopify until such time as all the moving parts to do business is reduced to one, maybe two parts.  I'm not a webmater or online retail expert and should not have to be to do business.

As Raya so aptly concluded, " best of luck"