Integrate Custom API to front-end and Admin Shopify

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Hello, all ! I would like to do an integration between a custom REST API  (I don't need an existing Shopify API) and a Shopify store. My API would manage lists of the products, prices, financial reporting, orders, stocks which will impact both front-end and back-end (admin). I didn't see a clear example on how to do that. I guess I would need to do it separately, for ADMIN api, and Store Front -api ? So, in the end my API would communicate with shopify store through shopify API ? Could you please direct me to some documentation about this specific topic ? As I didn't find something specific about that, yet.

P.S. I don't seek a developer to do that, I just want to understand if this is possible with Shopify and to see an example or some documentation of some sort of it, so I can start integration process. Thx in advance !