Integration strategies with existing websites

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Hello all, I wish I didn't have to ask all these questions, but right now the Shopify documentation is lacking. I'd like someone to tell me (and feel free to get technical, I'm a full-time web developer) what the integration strategy/methodology is to combine Shopify with an existing website. I'm most concerned with these: 1. Once a customer says "add this to my shopping cart", will the customer be moved from my website to shopify's website? and if yes, how does he return back to my main site to keep shopping? Note that I know Shopify handles all my products and their descriptions, but I want to place those inside my website and have Shopify only handle the shopping cart aspects of the system. 2. I can see integrating Shopify easily with frames-based websites, but how about in my case, where there no frames? 3. Once a customer finishes a transaction (i.e.: pays with credit card), will/can he be redirected to our site? j.e.

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I don’t work for Shopify, but as I understand it…

1. Right now there isn’t the ability to use your own domain. From what I see around they are testing and should release this within a week or so. You’re right though, it will still probably transfer to for checkout due to issues with SSL mentioned earlier (Search for domain name if you want to find the thread)

2. Shopify can be designed to match the look of any site using the templating system. As soon as the domain name system is released, you could create and integrate it into the navigation. Pretty easy really.

3. I have absolutely no idea. There is nothing in the admin area that I can find about this, so I’d assume there isn’t currently a way to redirect anywhere after checkout. You might be able to modify one of the templates to put a link back to your site though… not sure.