Intermediary page for presenting a brand

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Hi everybody, 


I am completely new to making a website and to the community so i beg your pardon for any mistake i could already have made! I tried looking for similar topics but didn't find anything relevant. 


For my new ecommerce website, i would like to create a page that would stand just before the category page. So that: home>brand(the page i am talking about)>category>product page would be the navigation path. 

That brand page will be used to present brands/receive vertical traffic before seeing the actual products and will be mainly composed of pictures and text, not products.

My question is: that 'brand' page, can it simply be the template of the home page that i customize and put between the real home page and the category page? If that makes sense for you. Can we, as we are building a site, put any page wherever we want and link them how we want to others?


As i am looking for themes i don't understand if this is a point that i have to take into consideration in the theme i will choose or if i will be able anyways to put any page where i want to.


It surely is a stupid question but i am clueless about using shopify

Thank you