Internal only - Back in Stock report

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Hello good people!  


I am looking for a solution for a little problem / issue. 


I'm in need of some sort of notification or report that I could run daily to show me what items have returned in stock. I am importing / updating quantities of thousands of items every day and I'm just not able to filter out what has come back to stock with every inventory import. 

An app (free only) , a code , a spreadsheet ... anything would do the trick as long as it wont be taking long time to actually run  

NOTE: I don't want to let customers know what's back in stock and don't want them to be able to sign up for a notification - this is not what I need at the moment and I would just get an app for this when needed - right now I only want to know myself internally  


Would anyone have a solution or an idea ?


Thank you very much in advance and as always ... Stay Safe!


Warm regards