International payment gateway for India

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I have build my shopify website, I am done with everything but I am not able to integrate any international payment gateway for International transaction in India. Iknow Paypal can be the one but that is a bit expensive and has a long procedure of issuing FIRC certificate after the transaction from Citi bank on every transaction and then doing a BRC. 
can you guys please suggest me a gateway which is cost effective and helps in receiving international payments. 

Moreover that does anyone have any idea about how it works in India? 
For eg, you receive international payment from abroad, so then you have to issue a FIRC but do you know what do you have to do with that FIRC and how many FIRC you have to issue? 

Then do we have to pay tax or include GST if we are selling in India? 

if anyone can even help with what are the documents required and why are they helpful for me? 

Thanks in advance


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Which gateways have you approached? And what went wrong? Why did they reject you? 

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PayU Money is founded in 2002 and now available in 17 countries. They are reported to serve more than 450,000 merchants and supports over 100+ payment methods just in India.

The platform also has high-grade security to ensure your transactions’ safety and worked with large companies like Netflix, Airbnb. It has some additional features like saved-card feature, auto OTP read as well.

You can easily integrate PayU Money into your Shopify store and start accepting transactions from all around the world. The transaction fee is flat 2% GST (18% of 2%) for each transaction.

Or you can read this article to discover the best payment gateways for your Shopify store. Hope it helps!

I'm Jason Dao, Manager of Research & Development Department at Avada Ecommerce.