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There are quite a few questions about internationalization, but most of them seem to be outdated.

At the shopify blog I read this post:

Use dedicated and unique URLS

Do use country-specific URLS (like for French for example), subdomains with gTLDS (like, or subdirectories with gTLDs (like for each version of a page.

All three of these options are perfectly right, but the easiest one to set up and maintain is the subdirectory one, especially on Shopify.

That's perfect. I think the subdirectory one is indeed the best option. So, how to do it?

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Hey, there!  

Dallas here from the Social Care Team. You have asked a great question and I'll be happy to help you out with this. For what you're wanting to accomplish there are a few options:

Option 1:

If you're looking to have multiple websites for your supported languages you'd want to look into purchasing country-specific URLs. If you were to do this you would be required to create a new Shopify account. You are able to get the additional stores for cheaper if you're on the Shopify plan or higher. Just ensuring that for each new store the only difference is that your site is in a different language and nothing else. 

This will allow for an individual store to automatically show the chosen language. For example, would show in French (if you wrote the site in French).

This link here will show you how to change the checkout language if you were to choose this options.


With Shopify, you are also able to create URL redirects as well as subdomains. However, you'd still be connecting this to your original domain. 

Option 2:

If you are looking to support multiple languages with your store but don't want to pay for a different site for each language, the easiest thing to do would be to get a multi-lingual app (like Languify) and then create a subdomain or a URL redirect. 

This way your customers in France will be able to type in either or and your Spanish customers can type in or and still be directed to your website. However, they will be directed to your primary domain ( In the top corner of your store, however, they will have the ability to choose what language they want everything displayed in.

To create a URL redirect you will want to go to:
Online Store > Navigation > URL Redirect in your Store Admin 

This link will also be able to give you a more in detail step by step instruction guide. To create a subdomain you will want to click Online Store > Domains in your Store Admin. Then for the domain that you want to add this on to you will click Manage, scroll down to Subdomains and add a subdomain there. 

I hope this helps you to decide the best option for your business. I gave a lot of information here so if you would like me to clarify anything or if you have any questions you can just respond to this forum post.  If you would like to contact our live support we have Gurus here to help you around the clock. 


Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Dallas,


so it is impossible to have one store on a domain (, and another store on a subdomain (


All I could figure out is it is possible to run one store on a subdomain and one on a domain.


Thx, Tom