Inventory History Beyond 90 Days

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It has recently come to our attention that the Inventory History only covers the last 90 days.  We frequently use this feature to investigate inventory outages, assess customer buying patterns, and more. 


However, the limit of a 90 day window makes this feature frustratingly useless to us.  We often order product on a seasonal or quarterly basis, which means by the time the next buying window comes around the inventory history is wiped clean. 


I want to know if there is any way to bypass the 90 day window in Shopify's buying history, OR create an equivalent report either in Shopify, in Stocky, or using BetterReports (pinging @KBetterReports  :) ).  The key for us is that we need to know the quantity sold per order, NOT total sold in a certain time period. 

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Unfortunately, we’ve just discovered the same problem.  Did you find an answer?