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I need to understand how to match the inventory from my internal system to Shopify.

Could I really just match the product trow the Handle. When I import a file, this is the message that I receave "It was not possible to update it because the handle does not match what is on Shopify".


Into my internat system my handles is something like "drf489832910", the ID of the product.

I insert something more specific for SEO like "name-of-the-product-desciprion", but doing so the inventory cant be updated.


Is there a way to use SKU as Match value?


Someone can please help me?

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Shopify CSV import does not support matching products by SKU values as far as I know.

But I could offer using Excelify to update your inventory with CSV or Excel XLSX file import.

We do offer the ability to update any Product field by using Variant SKU as a unique identifier, even if you wish to update the Title or Handle of a product.


Here is our post about forcing Variant SKU as a unique identifier with Excelify app -


If you have any more questions about it, feel free to reply here or contact us directly by any means listed in our "Contact Us" page.


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