Inventory Import via CSV File Does Not Update Quantities, No Errors

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So I am attempting to update my product inventory counts in bulk via CSV file exporting/importing. Everything is set for shopify to track inventory, so I exported a single product to CSV from the Shopify Inventory page, including all of it's variants. Manually edited the "Variant Inventory Qty" fields, saved the CSV, and then finally imported via the Inventory page on Shopify. A message pops up that says everything imported okay without any errors, and I also get an email saying basically the same, no errors. The only problem is that when I go back to the products page in the Shopify backend, none of the quantities are updated at all, and nothing has changed. What exactly  am I doing wrong here? FYI, I only have 1 location in Shopify.

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same issue. please let me know if you resolved it.

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Hi Dallas,

Make sure to add Variant Inventory Tracker as Shopify for each SKU line. Let me know if that works.