Inventory/Shipping app(s) needed

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Our goal is to end up using our Shopify store as our primary database for our Shopify and Non-Shopify customers, and Shopify Products and Non-Shopify products. We are looking for an app that will

  • let us ship all orders, whether from Shopify or not.
  • permit us to maintain a physical inventory, but not condition Shopify sales on stock being available

For non-Shopify orders, we would enter them manually so Shopify becomes our order database regardless of order source.

Additionally, we do not allow customers to specify shipping methods on online orders because ground shipping is free. They would need to call for expedited shipping.  We need this to remain the same as it is now.

We need to be able to:

  • Ship UPS and print labels, billed to our account, default to ground but can be overridden. UPS Simple Rate option is also helpful but not necessarily required.
  • Ship USPS and print labels for Flat Rate and Regional Rate. We almost never ship USPS that is not one of those types of service.
  • Choose & modify shipping options such as weight, number of packages, etc. Occasionally orders would get combined so we can modify the specifics and manually post the same tracking if necessary.
  • Fedex options useful but not required. Very little Fedex and it would generally be on the customer's account.

If someone has information on any Apps that would fit these criteria, we'd really appreciate the info.