Inventory Supplies for Products Sold

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Hi All. Newbie Here! 

I am selling designer apparel. I buy blank apparel (tshirts, hats, hoodies, polos, etc.) in various colors, brands, and sizes. I then mock up a design on particular apparel and sell that. When I post the product for sale, I offer 1 brand/type of apparel in various colors and sizes. However, I may also offer another product design in those same apparel brand/type colors and sizes. Is there a way to track my blank apparel separately that crosses over to multiple products for sale?

Such as - Design 1 is offered on T Shirt, black, green, blue, on all sizes & Design 2 is offered on the same t shirts. 

How do I inventory the blanks so that if someone buys the Design 1 product that same blank inventory crosses over to purchases for Design 2 ? Maybe its not even possible, maybe it is,  I just cant figure it out.