Inventory Tracking When Selling multiples of an item

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I am having difficult in finding a solution for my inventory issues.   I am running a clothing retail shop and one of the items is underwear.  I want to have the ability to sell the same products in multiples for a discount.   Since the underlying product does not change I don't want to set up inventory for each quantity variant.   I.e 200 pair for 1 packs, 100 for 3 packs and 50 for 6 packs.  Ideally I would just like to have the total quantity of 800 registered.   Then if a 6 pack were to sell the quantity would automatically drop to 794.  


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This is an accepted solution.

If your on shopifyPlus use checkout scripts to do the discounts.

You'll need to automate the sync with a service|app where you can define that type of logic. does this , example script

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