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I am looking for a solution to an issue that I am currently dealing with and hoping to resolve. I have a baking business that requires me to keep my stock fresh. I am currently using the "In Store Pick up Local Delivery" app by LogBase that allows my customers to select a specific date + time. However, I can only keep the calendar open weekly since my stock works by week (by Sunday , I should be left with no stock) and Tuesday I will begin a new week. 

So , for instance, if I were to put 1000 products on my page, I would want to be sure that those 1000 products would be sold within that week and not the week after, etc. 

My question is, is there a way to edit my stock on a weekly basis that is a compatible with a calendar? So week 1 in November, I will make x amount of products, week 2 in November x amounts of products,etc..  And this way I can keep my calendar open for a bit longer than a week while not messing up my stock?

If this is not possible, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I want to keep my orders strictly through my website and not by emailing.

Thank you in advance