Inventory for in-store pickup issue

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Hi all!


I'm trying to set up in-store pickup for one of our stores. I understand that local pickup must be enabled to do so. However, the issue that we are facing is that we need to have both the pickup, or the retail, location and the warehouse location fulfill online orders. Reason being is that the retail location is only meant for customers to order online and pick up in-store. Whereas the warehouse location is meant to only fulfill orders that need to be shipped out to the customer. 


The current issue that we are undergoing is having orders be fulfilled from the correct location. We want it so that orders that are chosen by the customer to be picked up, only ever pull inventory from the retail location. We want to make sure that even if the retail location has 0 available inventory that it won't go and pull inventory from the warehouse location automatically just to fulfill the order. In doing this, we also want to ensure that in-store pickup option never allows for shipping options to be chosen at checkout. 


This means that we also want such rules to apply to the warehouse location's inventory. If an item is opted by a customer to be shipped, we only want inventory to ever be pulled from the warehouse location. If the warehouse location has 0 available inventory, we never want it pulling from the retail location just to fulfill the order. 


The fulfillment priority list hasn't seemed to be a concrete answer in solving this issue. We've been trying to find a solution for some time now and would appreciate any help!!

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Same major issue here! We didn't find a solution as for now and had to disable all the pick-up locations.

We should add our concerns to the same discussion, though. Otherwise it looks like a minor issue.
Let's collect it here:

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We have the same problem and it was exacerbated for Black Friday. Due to online AND pick up orders pulling inventory from both our warehouse and instore locations, we ended up being oversold on tons of products. Due to the volume of online orders on Black Friday and pick up orders, we sold items to walk in store customers that we didn't know were allotted to pick up or online orders because our warehouse didn't pick and pack them yet. 

This is a HUGE oversight by Shopify. I just spoke to someone and was told that Shopify devs are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. I don't understand why they were so shortsighted in requiring all locations to make their inventory available to fulfill online orders, instead of keeping things separate. Because of this it's created a huge headache that can only be rectified by us having to refunds tons of orders, and making clients very unhappy. To say I'm pissed is an understatement.