Inventory software for stocking in products

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I am interested in moving my pos to shopify from vend.  

A major concern I have about moving is adding inventory on shopify.

It seems to be lacking some features i currently have on vend, and although i have seen some apps, these are at an extra cost, and dont really do what i need.

On vend when i add a new product, i am able to enter the brand, style, colour, cost price, retail, quantity etc, and it then automatically issues the item with a sku and barcode. Shopify doesn't do this.

Like i said previously, i have seen apps which i can add the cog on or add barcodes etc. The problem is dont want to be stocking a product in, then have to go else where to add a cost price or add barcodes, print tickets etc. If it was integrated on the shopify product screen, it would make a huge difference.

I was wondering what people recommend as a solution for this? What programs do people with clothes shops etc use for stocking in inventory? Something which links with shopify is need, with out a stupid cost.


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Had a similar issue and i solve it  using inventorify for syncing my inventory and prices with my supplier

it supports using the same sku as your supplier, and tracks every single variant that your supplier have

check it out: