Inventory tracking problem

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I have a question regarding shopify inventory tracking. 

In our store we are selling NFC cards. The questions are:

1) We have different color variants but they are all printed on one white NFC card. I want to track inventory only on white NFC cards and when somebody buys a color variant it would automatically decrease the number of white cards. How can I do that? Meaning we have 100 white cards in stock and we sell 3 color variants. When somebody buys 1 blue card the stock of white cards would go to 99. 

2) We have a lot of packaging parts. I want to track this packaging together with one order. When somebody buys a card from us how can I automatically put 1 packaging set in there so I know how much packaging material I have left? Meaning we have 100 packaging boxes - when somebody buys a cards it would automatically go to 99 packaging boxes.

Please let me know, thanks