Is Shopify automatically updating Facebook custom audiences?

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Hi I am hoping someone can answer it here.  Would anyone know if Shopify automatically updates the custom audiences it creates in Facebook? 


As a background - After you enable Shopify's Facebook marketing app and after you have successfully linked it with FB Ads, Shopify automatically creates Facebook custom audiences like "Shopify - website visitors lookalike audience", "Shopify - website customers custom audience", etc. etc.  But then what happens next?  Does it regularly update it?  If yes, how often?


If no, how can I get it to update it, short of recreating the same audience manually again and again?

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Also wondering the same thing because I want my lookalike of all customers to have more data. If it updates regularly that would be great.

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Hello, I'm also interested in this topic. Please someone from Shopify can reply?



Jesús Izquierdo


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I know this is late, and I was looking for the same answer.


If you go to your Ads Manager's Audience section and click the custom audience, you'll see that it DOES update daily in the history tab. It will also show how many rows (customers) it added for that day.