Is Shopify the right choice for me?

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Hi, pleased to have joined this community. Here to discuss and to ask some things. I have a client who would like to switch to Shopify. It is a physical clothing store, which of course also has an ecommerce. Currently, it manages everything with a cloud platform, for around 170€/month.
Through his dashboard, when he sell something in the store, the product is automatically deleted from the database shared with the website. The site is built with a proprietary CMS. Very ugly.

Do you believe that Shopify is the right solution for him, considering the many steps forward? Would I be able with Shopify to get this mechanism? I was thinking about the $79 plan, but I don't know exactly what hardware it goes with in the store. Opinions and answers are welcome! Thank you all!

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Hello there,

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms by far. While using it can be easy and intuitive, a common question that constantly arises for fresh users is which Shopify pricing plan suits them best. To know which one to choose, you need to understand their features first. Kindly take a look at this article and choose the best one for you!


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