Is it dangerous/difficult to install apps yourself?

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I have used a consultant to set up my site but I notice things like Buy button sales channel or the Facebook sales channel which are free and though about installing.

I asked them if I could make a mess of the existing site and if it was easy to uninstall if I didn't like where I had got too and they said DONT DO IT.  Pay an expert to do it!

Is it that difficult?



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Hi @OrganicMarkets ,

This is a tricky question to answer, 99% of the time nothing happens really and you're fine with installing Sales Channels without any issue. However in the unlikely 1% event that something goes wrong or you are unable to delete the channels for some reason and you still see your products on Facebook for example, then yes this is where paying experts to do it would make sense as it covers your issues as well.

Basically peace of mind vs DIY. Up to you!


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