Is it possible to use Boxify and still take advantage of Shopify's reduced shipping rates?

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We sell both small items and very large items (50"+ long) that require dimensional weight to accurately calculate shipping rates for our customers.  We have started to set up Boxify but know that our rates with the carriers are not as good as Shopify's.  Is there a way to use Boxify to calculate the shipping cost to charge our customers AND use Shopify to purchase and print our labels?  Would we need to set up all of our box sizes in Shopify under "Settings > Shipping > Packages > Saved Packages"?


It's a bit mind-blowing that Shopify doesn't support product dimensions and dimensional weight shipping rate caluclation out of the box.  Most ecommerce systems support this!  

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Hey there, @electricspeed!

Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Thanks for posting! To clarify, Shopify Shipping does support package dimensions and weight calculations when you purchase a shipping label; however, the calculation shown to customers at checkout is based on size and weight of the 'Default package' in your Settings > Shipping > Packages section:

Because you're using drastically different box sizes and weights, you can absolutely use the Boxify app to provide your customers with an accurate reflection of shipping rates whilst taking advantage of Shopify Shipping's label rates. You'll just need to go into your Orders and buy a shipping label. Here, you'll have the option to pick an existing Package size/weight (which you'd be able to create and save in the Packages section of your Shipping Settings) - or you can click Add package to create and use a new package for the order:

Based on the chosen package size and weight, Shopify Shipping will then calculate the appropriate cost for shipping label. Have you already added a Shipping Policy? You can add your store policies in Settings > Legal, but there isn't a template generator for the Shipping Policy field. You may be interested in referencing this Oberlo guide for a template and tips on what to include in this policy. 

I hope this helps! Please let me know if there's anything I can clarify.



Ryder A. | Social Care Team at Shopify
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