Is it worth opening legal store with branded products?

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I am thinking to open store with branded products, which I could have official aggrement with in terms of IP issues etc. However I am not sure if potencial customers will be willing to purchase product from my store with hiked price or rather go directly to manufacturer with probable discount. 

Generally I would like to focus on quality products rather than AliExpress "toss a coin" standards. Then again expensive product will likely make potencial customer think twice.

Any input will be appriciated.


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Hey Peter! 

Trevor the Guru here, 

Whether a customer will purchase from you versus your direct supplier or competitor is always going to be a struggle when you're selling identical products. While some shoppers are savvy and shop around first before they buy, there are shoppers who simply see the product and pay the cost without comparing. 

That being said, this really falls down to your marketing and getting to those customers first before your competition/suppliers do. A great example is Ali Express as every consumer has access to purchasing from the website, yet online stores still strive reselling these products due to their marketing. 

Quality products is always a good business practice and ultimately the saying "You get what you paid for" comes to mind in this situation. Offering quality products and customer service will add the extra value to your customers if you chose to start this adventure. 

Keep in mind that branded products will most likely require a reseller certificate, so you'll want to do some research on this part before fully diving in!

Feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support via phones/chats or emails if you have any questions!

All the best, 

Trevor M

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