Is listing your items online worth the hassle?

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Hello All,

Me and my partner are interested in setting up our own business within the ecommerce industry.

Without going in to too much detail and revealing the masterplan. I wanted to gauge interest and see if there is at least some demand for this service.

So my question to everyone is how often do you throw away items which would be perfectly reusable? How often is that you would buy second hand items (electronics, furniture and clothing)?

Is listing your items online worth the hassle for the potential monetary return?

I myself believe that it is worth the hassle if you get the right price however I know of a few friends of mine who seem to just throw away or hoard outdated items.

I realise that the "second hand market" is growing at the moment and thanks to multiple online selling platforms the idea of buying used goods seems to be more appealing.

Look forward to hearing your responses.



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