Is my theme change causing the decrease in sales?

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We switched up our theme on 17th/18th Oct 2019 with a few days of increased sales (vs same time last year), however since 25th Oct sales have really dropped off (around 90% down up until now). Do you think this is purely theme related? or perhaps just coincidence? Seems strange that from the 17-25th it was doing well then just dropped. 


I've looked into the site speed and is definitely slower than before (working on getting this fixed), but its minimal (6 vs 7 seconds).


Any help with this would be much appreciated! 

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey, @hugh9!


Lizzy here, I’m a Shopify support Guru.


While changing your theme alone will most likely not affect sales, it could have some side effects which would.


First of all, do you see a lot of repeat customers? Is it possible that this change has made your site unrecognizable to previous customers? If so, no worries! You can let customers know that they're still buying from the same business by sending out an email letting them know that that you've gone through a redesign. You can also include a banner or notice on your website for a month or so to just let any customers know that you're still you!


The next potential factor could be if the new theme has caused your site to become less user friendly for any reason. If it isn't easy for customers to access your products and navigate your site it could deter them from purchasing. Have you tested out the user flow of your site since the update? We have a blog post all about creating a frictionless experience for customers on your store here.


It is also interesting to hear that there was an initial uptick in sales followed by the decline. Have you made any changes to your marketing techniques or stopped any ads that were previously running?


I also wanted to ask where you typically see the majority of your traffic come from? Do you rely heavily on SEO and people finding your site through searches? Or do you have more direct or link driven traffic? If you rely on SEO and have seen a decrease in traffic or sales it could be related to missing alt text or broken links. Not things that are typically affected by the theme, but could be depending on whether the new or previous one had any special features. This page from our help center goes into detail on how to build up your SEO using Shopify tools.


I also wanted to ask if you know what it is within your site which has caused it to slow down a bit? Is it the theme or have you added any new apps as well? If you're not sure you can test your site with a tool like this to see a breakdown of what is causing delays.


Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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