Is product video important to you? I'd like to create some free videos.

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Hey everyone,


I would like to create some free videos for your product listings as part of research into what a Shopify app would need to do.


I've been building web-based video creation software ( and thought I should ask to see if it would be useful for Shopify users. I can't lie, it's currently pretty hard to use. But I think I could help create videos from product listings.


Some potential benefits:
- People love videos, and having one for your products increases the likelihood of a purchase
- Automated video creation
- More control over how the video looks
- No monthly fee (although it may be necessary if video hosting is needed)


So my questions are:

First, would you like me to create a free video for you?
Do you currently use videos or are you looking for an app to make it easier?
Do you have issues with the current options?

Anything else I should consider?


Let me know if you'd like me to create a video for you. It would be free, in return for feedback and suggestions.





Hey Andrew 


Awesome idea. Shoot me a message below. I might have some clients that would be interested in this.



Clayton Bates 

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Great, sent you a message! I look forward to making some videos to see how it looks!