Is there a way to convert abandoned checkouts into orders?

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Hi everyone


I run a beauty store using Shopify. I have many abandoned checkouts due to failed payments and other reasons. For customers whose orders fail due to payment issues, we contact them to pay via cash or mobile wallets. 

Is there any way wherein I could convert their abandoned checkout as an order? I hate to add 20 items manually, their address and then create an order for them.

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Hi @BeautyBuffetInd 

First, Because many orders fail due to payment issues so I think you should provide your customers many payment gateways as well as payment providers to let them easily pay orders.

Secondly, I would recommend you use the Abandoned Cart Saver- Cartify app. Abandoned Cart Saver- Cartify is one of the most powerful tools to boost your sales. As you might not know about, when Cartify is installed in the shop, it can track and check if there is any cart being abandoned and then email the customers with messages, which means that you can double the chances to close to each customer. When Cartify finds out any abandoned cart, it automatically sends messages to the customers and this will help catch the customers right at the time they are interested in your products without hesitating to boost your sales. Additionally, the app is easily installed and with just a button, the campaign is ready to run. For every campaign, you can design it to maximize its benefits. For example, any store owner can send a number of messages or set content for every message. In addition, Cartify provides you with detailed analytics or any problem you encounter with. If you have any trouble when using Cartify, don’t worry that the support team always wants to hear from you and help you at no cost.

Highlight features

  • Care about abandoned cart
  • Automate abandoned cart emails
  • Manage your campaign
  • Provide with smart and powerful analytics
  • Support at no cost

You can get the app here.

Hope it helps!

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