Is there a way to look at all the changes to a product over a time period

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If one is looking at current and past orders and would like to know what the product attributes were at the point in time of sale for the orders which use that product, is that information available at a later point in time besides being visible in sales reports. e.g. Jan 1 a product had a title 'yoga and beach ball' and later it was changed to 'yoga ball'.


If one is looking at an old order now and a new order at a later point in time for the same product, will I see the name as 'yoga and beach ball' or 'yoga ball' when accessed via API calls. In short, do we have API access to product update history in some way.


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According to me , there is no product api available to check product history. You can get last updated information of product with field updated_at. Otherwise, you need to save product information in your database to check product history via api webhook(products/update). I hope , it will work for you (y)


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If your developer making an app @ksh_verma's point is basically it there's no changeset for products, your gonna have to either make a datastore of old versions(or a diff) once your app is installed whenever the product updates.


If your a merchant needing this functionality for validating orders or audits take a look at backup apps such as

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