Is there a way to use tags to filter in results

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I would like to create a filter such that when the filter is unchecked products with that filter are not displayed on the collection page but when checked they become visible.  

Use case:  We sell balloons and one of the collections is birthday balloons.  When on that collection's page there are a number of filters on the side bar for 1st Birthday, Boy's Birthday, Girl's Birthday, etc.  One of the filters is for Adult Birthday which contains balloons with profanity.  So, when you first land on the collection page I would like to make sure those balloons are not visible unless you explicitly check the filter.  

I could accomplish this by creating a seperate collection for "Adult Birthday" but this gets messy as I would prefer this option to appear amongst the other filters rather than amongst the collections.

I am not sure if this needs to be handled at a Shopify, theme or app level but my them is Testement and I am using an app called Filter and Search to manage sidebar menus.


Any help is most appreciated. Thanks! 

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Well, the good news is that it's totally possible. The bad is that it requires quite a bit of custom development to hack through the existing filtering solution and add it. How's your knowledge of JavaScript and Liquid? That's the best way to go.

- Jarvis

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Can you tell me what exactly should i do !