Is there an Image Hosting Site that provides List of Image URLs to use on CVS Import of Products???

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I am looking for an image hosting site that allows you to download a list of image URLs. (or other possible solutions to my issue)

I have 1000 products in the first product line that will be available on my e-commerce store.  There will eventually be over 20 product lines with over 1000 products each. I have all info for all products in a CSV file (Sku, tile, seo meta info, etc).  The only information that is missing is the image url for the product image.

Note: This product will be simple: No options, and only one image!

I have all images in a folder on my hard drive.  They are all optimized for web, and are named the same as the corresponding product SKU.

I know I can create one product at a time and add the image, but this is much too time consuming.  It would take a year to create 25000 products.

I know I can bulk upload the images to 'My Files' on my Shopify, and then a unique URL is created.  HOWEVER I would need to copy and paste them ONE at a TIME into my product CSV file for import!  Wow.  

I see an app called PXupload, but if you watch the video  you can only work with 50 images at a time, and there are so many steps, (copy paste, rename, copy paste, etc)  that it would be faster to just upload them one at a time, which is not really fast at all.  Here is the vid:  Other apps like Image Manager only allow drag and drop (This would also be one at a time, and not bulk)  Am I missing something?

My product images are unique.  I created them with my product photography, mockups, watermarks, corerct size, color space, and optimized for web.  The images are not provided by a manufacturer. I am the manufacturer :)

Does anyone know of a hosting site that allows you to download a list of image URLs that can be copy/pasted into my product csv import file?  I'm looking to do this in bulk, not one at a time.  

It appears that Flickr does not have this feature.  Also I read that Google Photos randomly changes the URL at their whim.  I have not tried Dropbox yet.

I'm looking for any suggestions and help!  I could up and running in literally 2 days, if I can get this to work.  Otherwise it will take a very very long time indeed.  There is an urgent need for my product.  I have everything I need except the website.  Sample kits, business cards, promo materials are all loaded in van for sales meetings.  I just need the website on my business card to be live!

Thanks for any input!


PS Attn Shopify Mods:  Allowing a download of all image urls from 'my files' in Settings would make life so happy!






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Hey, Bret!

Here is the solution you are looking for:

You could still use the Setings -> Files uplaod in Admin if you can "glue" the file name from your product data, like, for example, from the SKU number.

Or you can use our image server - together with CrossFTP desktop app to upload images there. After uploading all images there, you will be able to select all - press Ctrl+C, and then paste the image paths to your Excel file.

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HI Maris, 

Perfect, Thank you very much!

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Hi Bret,

I have the same situation. What did you find to be the best solution?



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Before spending any money




Another way and this is where you have to be careful in naming your files from the beginning

and you have to use excel.


eg say you have 25000 images:

Using bridge in photoshop rename all your files as a batch and copy them to another folder so you keep the originals.


Name them with eg= AAAA01,AAAA02, and so on.

Upload them to files in shopify.


Find the first one AAAA01,


Copy it into a csv file


then hold the cell at the right - a little plus sign shows and drag it to as many files as you have , the number at the end changes automatically,



Here is a sample of shopify files


you grab this part

drag it in excel you will see the end number increase


the last thing you need to do is merge the other cell which has



You don't need the end part v=1579431299


As long as you name your files correctly it works

any problems glad to help.


Paid apps are good but sometimes too many spammers selling you stuff on the forum now.

Back in the day you got booted off for that:)

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can i ask how you did this using the chrome extension table capture?


Are you hosting all your images in your google drive and then linking to them via the CSV and using google to host the images for shopify?


I have 6000 images in my Gsuite drive - all labelled as SKU0001-a, SKU0002-a, etc 


Would this allow me to do it that way?


thanks for your help appreciated


Have a look at

We offer image file hosting with the ability to download a spreadsheet of the image files and their URLs so you can use them on sites like Shopify.