Is there any way to send an activation email when a customer registers?

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I need to verify that the email address someone is using to register a customer account is actually theirs. Most websites out there, including this one, send an activation email upon registration that has a link the person has to click to activate their account. I was wondering if there's any way to implement this on a Shopify store? If it requires creating a custom app or changing the theme manually that is fine. I just need to know that the capability exists to implement it before starting the project, since it's a crucial requirement for us. 

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There is too much going on to do this in the theme itself. It would probably require the creation of a simple app which believe it or not would be easier to implement.

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Shopify does not offer an email verification setting for new customer accounts, as is customary in most other places on the web. By default, when a customer registers for an account on the storefront, they immediately gain access to their account. This presents a problem for many merchants such as members-only or wholesale businesses.

Note: If a visitor on your website tries to create an account using an email address from an existing customer record (email subscribers, customers, etc.) that customer is required to verify their email before creating an account. This security measure prevents malicious parties from gaining access to someone else's order history (or other information) without actually having access to that email address.

To enable customer email verification as part of the customer registration process, try the Customer Fields app where you can easily require email verification for all new customer accounts. For more information, see How to enable email verification using the Customer Fields app.

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