Is there such a thing as scam protection?

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We had a customer purchase an item from our website which we shipped and fulfilled quite quickly. 

The same day that our shipment arrived at the customers house (tracked using USPS), the customer reached out saying that the wrong item had been shipped to her. She had ordered a ~$350 bag and said that she received a bottle of laundry detergent. 

We do sell the bottle of laundry detergent on our site, but we are not missing from our inventory and so can confirm that we did not ship any laundry detergent. We asked her to share photos of the laundry detergent and our packaging... she did provide photos of the laundry detergent but did not include any photos of the packaging.

She's currently threatening to open a claim with her credit card company. Is there absolutely anything that we can do as a business to win here or do we lose to the scam?

Would love all and any advice! We do have all tracking info, conversations with the customer, purchase order history, etc.