Is this an app that I can get to help with customizing the Minimal Theme?

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I am really struggling with this. I LOVE the minimal theme and it will awesome if I could JUST change some things, add somethings, etc.. 


  1. How can I get the announcement bar ABOVE the cart and the search box. There's nothing in the options that allow me to do this and I am wondering if there's an app that would allow me to change things?
  2. How can I get THREE products on the Collection page??? Why can't we adjust the number here like you can with Debut? I don't understand why this is not given with this theme? It's 5 or nothing. I want 3 BIG that go all the way across and be able to add rows. Am I just missing something?
  3. Is there an app that will allow to add lookbooks? 

Do people normally do this? I don't get it why there are basic fundamental aspects in SOME of the themes but they aren't available in this one? It doesn't make sense. 


Can someone help point me in the right direction?