Issue with customer orders not being able to proceed

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Our recent launched WS site just getting some attraction and we had our first issue today. The cusomter was about to order indent stock, but was not able to puch through the purchase?

According to the store in question the respons was;

"I have tried again, however it still states that it does not ship to this address and will not go through with placing the indent." 

Not sure why this has happend, my only though was different billing and shipping address (that she had), would this trigger such an error?



Any insight is greatly appriciated


Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Matt here from the Guru Team! :-)

That is a great question.  :-) Thank you for asking. 

Usually that happens when a combination of the following are set up within the shipping section:

  • The country the customer is shipping to is not listed in the shipping section
  • The product price of the total order is not covered in the shipping section
  • The product weight of the total order is not covered in the shipping section

In this case we would also usually check the abandoned order of the customer writing in with this issue and try and recreate the order.  However, if you are still having issues even after trying the above troubleshooting methods please feel free to contact us directly here as to dig deeper in this forum would requlire sharing sensitive account information :-) 



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Thanks Matt for taking the time.

Very strange indeed as I could log into my test account and order indent products without a problem. We tried to reset/resend the abanded cart but to no avail for her.

As of now, we helped the customer manually in another system, hopefully we wont have the issue again. However then I will go straight to the contact page. 


thank you