Issues with the UK ebay channel

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Hello everyone,

Its great to see the ebay channel now working for UK shopify users - however I am experiencing  a couple of problems.

1) on occassion I have received duplicate orders - I think something to do with an ebay refresh issue - that hasn't happened for a while thankfully

2) this one is more difficult - when we load new products and make them available on the ebay channel - they are not actually available on the ebay channel!!  We have about 25k products activated to list on the ebay channel - with around 900 actually listed.  The team have taken to manually listing new items - but this comes with the risk of overselling!  If anyone has a fix for this issue I would really appreciate it - maybe there is a way to sync stock I have missed or some kind of product refresh required?  Or maybe we just need to be more restrictive on the qty of inventory available to the ebay channel.


Any help is very welcomed!