It has been 6 days, the payout is still on hold.

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I received a email from shopify Risk Operations Team, tell us that "During a standard review of your Shopify Payments account, we found your shop’s chargeback rate is currently at 0.38%. We wanted to reach out to you with some additional context and strategies to prevent chargebacks as you are currently above the acceptable 1% threshold for Shopify Payments. After a more in-depth review of your account, it appears most of your chargebacks are related to Fraud." 7th July 2020.

And they ask me do this "We will be placing a hold on transfers until we hear back from you. Rest assured this is only for payouts. Your customers can still make payments on your store Could you please reply to this email thread directly and let us know what implementations will take place to mitigate future chargebacks?" We did, and reply her email immediately.

It has been 6days, 4 business days, still no response from them, and the payout is still on hold, what's going on? the fraud has made us loss a lot, why shopify made us loss again, it's not fair to our business. When will the payout be normal?

I have contact and chat with the customer service, they said it will done within 72 hours, but it's over the time, we got no response.