Just Launched a Month Ago. How to Gain More Sale?

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I'm Harper here with www.harperandteal.com

We just lauched 22 June 2018 (a month ago yesterday) Once we lauched we had our first sale within 31 minutes of being open! We are engaging on social media and reaching out to others to let them know about our site and our purpose (giving back 15% of each sale to our scholrship program). 

Our question is: How can we continue to keep receivng more sales?  And I would also love to know your opionion of our site.  

It trully takes a lot to be seen and to let people know "hey we're here!" as sales have slowed down and we're trying to not get in the discouraged phase of business (as that can tend to happen as a learning phase of course) 

Just would love to hear your ideas and thoughts. 

Thanks in Advance. 

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Hi, there!

Lisa here from the Shopify Social Care Team. 

First of all, I'd like to start by saying what a beautiful site you have, congratulations on your 1 month launch anniversary! You have done a great job on the branding and overall aesthetic and function of the site. It is also so wonderful that a big cause for the business is the scholarship program. 

As you've recognized, even with a stunning site, it can still be a challenge to a) Get people to the site and b) Get the potential customers to convert. Lots of sales and marketing is required in any business to convince the customer to buy online. 

A fundamental for every site is that your SEO is in line. Even just using a free or paid app will help increase your ranking in google for more organic sales, you have a range of options depending on your budget. Find SEO apps here which can help boost your appearance on search engines. Something I recommend is first understanding SEO and the power of utilizing this tact so you know how to position yourself in search engines. This video runs through the basics of SEO, which explains how to do a lot of the groundwork that an app can use later on to optimize.

I didn't notice a blog on your site. If you haven't already started one, a blog is an excellent way to educate your audience about your brand and products. You could post informative yet light-hearted posts about what to wear with the jewelry, guest stylists, and advice customers can use. Blogs skyrocket your search engine results too. Blogs if done right, are often a place people are drawn into for interest, then end up buying your products because they genuinely enjoy the post and information given. Check out this article for examples of excellent blogs and what you can learn from them

Next up remarketing, often customers will not buy on their first visit. That is why using a remarketing pixel is essential so your brand stays in the eyes of potential customers who have already visited your store. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book but still proves to help sales immensely more than single layer marketing. The customers visited your site for a reason, and often they don't convert because of reasons that are out of your control. Stay on their minds by sending reminders of the products they looked at. Do some research on the type of remarketing that may work for your business there's classic re-marketing or dynamic remarketing. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, here's the technical advice on how to set up the Google remarketing pixel in your Shopify store.

Some minor design feedback I do have is that the first paragraph on your 'About us page' has a different body font to the rest of the site, here's a screenshot.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, your site and jewelry are so beautiful it's just going to be a matter of bringing people to it. Perhaps focus on growing your social following to gain the traffic you need. Here are 17 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Online Sales. In particular number five, Run a Pinterest treasure hunt seems very on brand for jewels to be the 'treasure'. You have spectacular imagery for Pinterest and your site is so creative, I'd love to see this carried into a marketing strategy!

I see you already have started a Facebook and Instagram, which are both excellent marketing tools at your fingertips. Since your followings aren't super large yet, you can use influencer marketing as a way to get in front of like-minded audiences from existing influencers followings. Here's 6 Influencer Marketing Platforms for Partnering with Internet Famous Creators, and how to go about it!  Hopefully, once you start getting your jewelry out there on people with an audience this will help grow yours and start to snowball your business with new customers. 

I wish you all the best, and with a site and product as great as yours, I plead you keep going and push through these marketing challenges. If you have any questions about the information provided, would like specific feedback or would just like to let us know how it's all going down the track, please feel free to reply! 

- Lisa

Lisa | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thank you, thank you so much for your eye-opening reponse. You have given such great details of wonderful advice that I feel so prepared to run with the information that you have given. Also thank you for your comments on the design of our site. 

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Hi Lisa,

Did you get someone to do an audit of your SEM program and are you actively working to increase the size of your email newsletter subscription?  Email is still the core of a lot of ecommerce programs so you have to actively work to increase the size of your subscription base.  Are you aware of the various email laws? You have more freedom in the US for example vs Canada or Europe.

Also.. I checked out your site and I'm wondering if you have thought about what differentiates your brand and how you are targetting?  There is obviously a lot of competition in this segment so how are you standing out and what makes you different?  My wife who is a product photographer (studioEPIC sorry for the plug), worked with a jewelery store that focused on colour matching outfits to jewelry.. So they would have for example a 'dark clothing' jewelry line and would feature this line on black dresses, etc.. they would have similar offerings for 'light earth tones' or 'red'.  This was a cool way to differentiate themselves.  Another way would be to target bridal segment and have a strong bridal offering.  This type of thinking also directs the way in which you will do your marketing.

If you need a hand we'd be happy to do a free audit of your marketing programs.  Cheers.Shem


Hi Harper.  Congrats, that's not a bad beginning!


I agree with Lisa - Influencer Marketing is excellent for your kind of brand.  From my experience, start as early as possible and work all year with same 1-5 Influencers, so it will be consistance and belivable.  

Aldo, I looked at your website and - pls dont get offended, everyone's doing same mistake - your homepage looks like a catalogue of products, there is no effort to show a brand story or somekind of element that will bring trust fiisrt (bc without trust people usualy afraid to buy from you).


Good luck!!


Good luck brand and Influencer heroes! – #DearMishuDad (Influencer contract template is here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084SP1R7G)