Just Starting Shopify, But I Already Have No Hope

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It's 2021 and I already feel hopeless again. This year should be a year where drop shipping e-commerce elevates in statistics and the amount of entrepreneurs it makes a second, minute, hour, day, week, month, or year. I've been unemployed for about 3 years and I only have a short and low budget to start out with. Not only do I have a low budget to start with, I also have internet, WiFi, and a decent school laptop (Chromebook) that can do a few objectives and with decent functionality (except for editing, photoshop, and advertising, etc.). I've seen Shopify advertise their platform so much, even without me searching for it or having anyone with a similar interest to me also having it in their feed... which is why I want to come back but this time starting fresh - with realistic guidance. I'm 19 and near close to being 20 very soon. I'm unemployed, not in school, and very limited in life, so coming to Shopify only makes sense to me. But this isn't about receiving sympathy or validation from other. I came back after 3 years of giving up because I generally can not find an honest and realistic view on how e-commerce drop-shipping benefits me and others without spending too much money on themesdesignscustomer service chat, and advertising. I understand that people are guaranteed to fail in creating a trial-based website, but how do people do it? I don't understand it. Most tutorials today are very outdated, market-y-ish, and very pay to promote (which is fine), and it creates this scarcity and degradation on whether or not if trying out the 14 day Shopify trial is a good return on investment in the long run for me.

Why did I still continue to comeback and try again even after failing?

I guess it's because when I've see other e-commerce drop shippers share their "legit", "raw", and "true" video, story or screenshots on how they got started, it made me want to come back to start again and get help from the community (something I've never considered about). 

Getting Started:

How can I start Shopify with the proper guidance? Fresh start, up to date, and simple in 2021?

 14 day trial

  • How to manage the time 
  • Why is it exactly 14?

Budget (low, medium, high, maximum)

  • Should I start low, medium, high, or max?
  • Categorizing budget
  • Needs vs wants

 Drop Shipping

  • Benefits
  • Why do it?
  • Trust

Apps integration

  • Budget
  • Needs vs wants


  • Simplicity (clean, comprehensional)


  • Problem solver (necessity)
  • Desire (wanting)


  • Free traffic?
  • Paid traffic?
  • Conversion?
  • Leads?
  • Consideration?


  • After making sales, should I close a store or reinvest to do better?
  • Myself or the company, or both? What is the manageability in this?


  • When should I request a payout? Immediately or after a month?