Just found a way to recieve a ton of targeted traffic but its not converting. Please help

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I was struggling with finding ways to bring traffic to my website. It has only been open for a week now and I was only advertising through instagram. I found a gold mine of very very targeted traffic (went from 30ish daily unique visitors, to 200 unique visitors in just the last hour) but for some reason its not converting!


If you guys could take a look at my site and give me some opinions and advice i would be ever greatful! Thank you


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Hi TheNuch! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

The website looks awesome - and well done on spiking your traffic - would you mind sharing with others how did you improve it? From very objective point of view it sounds like the traffic isn't coming from the most relevant sources [people are not visiting your site in order to buy] - did you happen to advertise an online competition or used a similar technique? In that case, the traffic would be there, but that would all be coming from people simply clicking the link to take part in a contest. They might come back later if - but generally the competition hunters love freebies, and they don't make good paying customers. If you shared what technique you used to improve sales, I could analyze it and see why it's not bringing the right visitors. 


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Your products are ideal for customer personalization.  Are you planning on allowing customers to customize their products and show them a live preview of customizations?

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Hi there I tried ghibli-business.com and they have a mentor program where they help you start getting sales. Good luck