Large number of variants AND volume discounts?

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I have run into an issue that I imagine has been solved many times over, but I've been banging my head against a brick wall for a while now so hopefully someone can shed some light. We have a client in the print business who has a vast number of variants per product, so we're using Mageworx Advanced Product Options to take care of that. As usual for the print world, they also want to offer volume discounts – i.e. order over 250 business cards and the rate per card is dropped by x%. We've used Hulkapps Volume & Tiered discounts for that. The problem is getting those to play nicely with each other, which doesn't seem to be possible (i.e. the volume discount is only applied to the base product, rather than all of the custom variant products created by Mageword APO).

Is there are neat solution to needing both large amounts of variants (i.e. not using the stock Shopify variants) and also offering volume discounts?