Launch: Make more sales & save time (Video course based on a decade of Shopify, for store owners)

If you're tired of reading random 'tactics', combing the internet for quick ways to improve your sales or looking for a magic Shopify App that will cure it all, you might consider another way: learn what some of the most successful Shopify stores are doing (and what they're avoiding), and apply it to your own store. Below is one potential way to do this.
I've been working with the Shopify Platform for 9 years, and have worked on somewhere around 500 stores.  Recently I launched a video course that's been in the making for two years, and is the culmination of working on all those stores, running 4 of my own, managing a Shopify-focused Agency for 5 years, working with Shopify consulting clients, and working at Shopify for 2 years. 
It's called Thrive On Shopify and is designed to help Shopify Stores doing $2,000 or more per month, to improve their sales, save time and reduce stress. (The course is for established stores; if you've just started, it may not be the best fit for you yet; but of course if you're very motivated you are also welcome to check out the details). 

The course came from a simple idea: I have friends who sometimes ask - "What else can I do to improve my Shopify store? I've tried all the apps, read blogs, articles, random 'tactics' . What else should I do?"... with is in mind I wanted a place to put everything I've learned, to share what I've seen work, what doesn't work, and to curate down to the most impactful actions I think Shopify store owners can take. 

The course is a series of step-by-step videos, broken into 3 areas: 
1)  Improving website conversions; 
2) Better email, through a Shopify lens; and 
3) Better Customer Support.  

Rather than me (or someone else) analysing your store, instead, in the course I teach you what to look for, how to avoid common mistakes and improve with quick wins, as well as more detailed, advanced techniques that, as far as I know, aren't covered anywhere else.  It's the exact method I use right now with clients, and that I've used on two Shopify businesses I purchased, to double their revenue within 3 months.
Essentially, it's a decade of Shopify learning, condensed into 4 hours of step-by-step video

I'll keep it short for now as I really don't want this to come off as anything close to spammy - and I'll only be posting it once here in the forums.  If you'd like to see the details, you can see it all at this link: Thrive On Shopify Course 

Questions? I'm happy to answer any questions here, and welcome any ideas too :)

Thanks all!
Previously worked at Shopify; now I run my own stores and help businesses improve their Shopify stores through my course: Thrive On Shopify. | More revenue. Save Time. Less Stress. |