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Does anyone know how to set up free lead generators, please? Marketing experts say to offer a free PDF download in return for an email address, but is there an app that does this in a tasteful and simple way? I don't want random automated popups, but a place to enter an email address when a visitor chooses to download the free PDF. Thank you.

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Hey @Melaine,

Using OptiMonk, you can create non-intrusive and user-friendly side messages that will only appear after your visitors clicked on a button and chose to download the PDF. On the side message, you can collect their email addresses. 

Start with our Free plan and see how it works! If there is anything we can help you with, let us know.

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If you have a B2B company, we recommend that you contact the experts of another company directly. FindThatLead allows you to enter a URL and then share contact information (name, email address, and activity) with the company.


Boomerang is a super simple Gmail plugin that lets you organize and send emails. If some or all of your admins grow internally - that is, are automatically satisfied with something like 

MailChimp - this is a great tool for you to quickly switch to faster email collection and dispatch when making an appointment. You can also create reminders, which means Boomerang will alert you when you don't get a response from a contact. From there, you can decide whether to reconnect.