Lean & Mean Inventory & Availability - Keeping inventory true & selling items that aren't received

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We're new to shopify and our website has become central to our business. Big hello to the community here!

We're currently listing items as available with false quantities so that we can sell before we've received the product. This creates a mess as we are then manually backing the quantity sold out from what we receive to then make availability and inventory accurate. Since we have a few delivery days each week this is leading to availability issues as well if any sales or receiving activity overlaps. There has to be a better way. :)

1. Can we keep an availability (using Shopify or an app) that will enable us to incorporate stock we have ordered but not received so that customers can order inventory that is incoming?

2. Is there a way to then adjust the availability to match when the order arrives and is checked into inventory?

3. We need to control this by date. So that a customer cannot order an incoming incoming for delivery before arrival arrival date but can order that item for delivery after it arrives.

Any clarification pls let me know. Running LEAN is good and I know we cannot be the only business working on solving this.