Limit characters in Shopify checkout fields - is this possible?

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Hi there,

One of my clients is on the standards Shopify($79 USD), and is having issues with the 1st address line in the Shopify checkout when the characters exceed 30 (this causes issues with their ERP Netsuite). They are asking for it to be limited to 30 characters.
When looking on the forum I noted some similar but different questions (ie. for Shopify Plus), but no definitive answer. Is is possible at all to do this for the standard Shopify?

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No. And to be fair I would steer you away from truncating an address especially if it's valid.  Since there's an ERP in place there must also be some middleware connecting Shopify and the ERP. Make the changes in the middleware to truncate or shorten so that the master data in Shopify remains intact. You'll be thankful you kept it should the ERP every support a larger address field.

If on Shopify Plus you could add some JS to prevent it, but the comment above still stands.

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